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Driving Under the Influence / Driving While Inbibing 

An Overview of DUIs


What Is a DUI

DUI goes by many names and abbreviations, DUI- driving under the influence, driving under intoxication, driving under impairment, driving under inebriation. DWI- Driving while imbibing, driving while impaired, driving while intoxicated. Although they are slightly different, the underlying charge is the same.

When Is It Considered a DUI

If the operator of a moving vehicle is affected in anyway by alcohol or controlled substance, whether illegal or prescribed by a physician, such that their ability to operate a vehicle is deemed unsafe, a dui/dwi is applicable. Operating a moving vehicle of any sort, this can include cars, tractors, motorcycles, boats, watercrafts, bicycles and, even skateboards, are potential instruments to lead to a dui/dwi charge. 

Variations of Offense Severity

DUI / DWI charges are filed against the defendant based on level of intoxication. In Pennsylvania, the minimum BAC (blood alcohol content) to qualify as intoxicated while operating a vehicle is .08. Pennsylvania uses a three tiered system to evaluate the severity of the offense. .08% - .099%, .10% - .159%, .16% and higher. The penalties vary based on BAC and number of prior DUI / DWI offenses.